Wages Of Sin is an American Death Rock Band From San Francisco, CA. The sound is Dark Psychedelic Rock, GothCore, Horror Country, and Graveyard Jam . Shows have included Wages Of Sin performing with The Cramps at the Berkeley Square, Faith No More at the Vis Club in San Francisco, The Swans and Speciman at the Mabuhay Gardens, Savage Republic in San Diego, Elliot Schneider at The Stone in San Francisco and The Church at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara. Recent appearances include sharing the stage with Merl Saunders at The Haight Street Fair in 2001 and headlining at The Whisky a-Go-Go in Hollywood.  Wages of Sin continues to redefine the Death Rock genre.

Kathleen Damon


Mac Kenzie

What is Deathrock ?

A detailed account of how it started in San Francisco. Kathleen was in her band Shadow Image right before the movement was called Deathrock. Shadow Image reformed and became Wages Of Sin, who described themselves as being deathrock/gothic rock. The term "Deathrock" was just starting to be used and club owners were hesitant to book a band calling themselves Deathrock.  Death rock bands were booked together if their names sounded the same even though their sounds could be very different!



" The (Wages of Sin) show was like a Horror Film Convention packed into a nightclub. Vampires mixed with glam rockers. Metal heads rocked out next to Goths. A good sampling of Burning Man types and steam punks danced with abandon. A group of hipsters wandered in and soon the selfies commenced. Everyone was welcome to join in the graveyard dance. An Elvira lookalike was invited on stage to much approval."

" The mix of solid bass, stadium guitar and jazz/prog drums created a sound that was both fresh and familiar. A tasty combination of psychedelic, goth, hard rock and honky tonk. Plus a multi media stage show that was impressive for a small venue."


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“Wages of Sin is a musical mutant after my own heart. They definitely reflect the sensibilities of power pop, the abstract perspective of goth and unique approach of psychedelia. It makes for a glorious freak stew.”

"If Wednesday and Pugsly Addams had a playlist, Wages of Sin would be in heavy rotation. Music to set the mood for a binge watch of old Dark Shadows episodes or an evening with a classic Hammer Horror Film. Campy, creepy and fun. Get a cup of hemlock tea, some batwing cookies and take a listen."

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Kathleen Damon of the band Wages of Sin was recently interviewed for the upcoming documentary about the cult science fiction comedy "Howard the Duck". This classic film by executive producer George Lucas retains a cult following so stars of the film such as Kathleen are of interest to Howard the Duck fans. Release date of the Documentary TBA.

Kathleen interviewed for the upcoming "Howard the Duck" documentary

In anticipation of a busy fall schedule, Wages of Sin has been in the studio playing their classic songs and inventing new tunes for the fans. Kathleen is laying down her solid bass lines while trying out different Ampeg heads. Random is working with innovative sound modules combined with experiments with Marshall and Orange heads. Mac Kenzie is switching between a classic acoustic drum kit and his patented 'frankenstein' Roland electronic drums. Stay tuned!

Wages of Sin in rehearsal for upcoming shows