WAGES OF SIN has taken a new home at a studio in San Francisco. Recording of new tracks has commenced.

A mix of older songs re-imagined plus new tracks and an interesting assortment of cover tunes.

The new collection of songs will be released digitally for download and will be found on a select number of streaming services and underground radio/podcast stations.

Wages of Sin is known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving early 1980s Bay Area Death Rock Scene. An era when one could catch Wages Of Sin performing with The Cramps at the Berkeley Square, Faith No More at the Vis Club in San Francisco, The Swans and Speciman at the Mabuhay Gardens, Savage Republic in San Diego, Elliot Schneider at The Stone in San Francisco and The Church at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara. Recent appearances include sharing the stage with Merl Saunders at The Haight Street Fair in 2001 and headlining at The Whisky a-Go-Go in Hollywood.  Wages of Sin continues to redefine the Death Rock genre.


Kathleen Damon


Mac Kenzie

What is Deathrock


A detailed account of how it started in San Francisco. Kathleen was in her band Shadow Image right before the movement was called Deathrock. Shadow Image reformed and became Wages Of Sin, who described themselves as being deathrock/gothic rock. The term "Deathrock" was just starting to be used and club owners were hesitant to book a band calling themselves Deathrock.  Death rock bands were booked together if their names sounded the same even though their sounds could be very different!


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2017 Tour - local version - starts with a residency at a Bay Area nightclub where WAGES OF SIN will showcase new material plus host other classic and upcoming Death Rock bands.  Be part of the incubation of ideas: the WAGES OF SIN production team is looking for collaboration with other artists.

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"T For Trasylvania" live from the Sins and Sinners Tour